CEO of WaterBear: a B Corp-certified interactive streaming platform, learning academy and content studio dedicated to the future of our planet.

WaterBear transforms documentaries into popcorn worthy entertainment; turns people into active doers from passive viewers; and, ultimately cares more about measuring real-world impact than collecting awards.

From pioneering storytelling training workshops across the Sahel in Africa, to spearheading global impact campaigns with NGOs across the world, WaterBear – and its partner, the Resilient Foundation – are innovating a new definition of success for the global media industry.

Prior to roles at WaterBear, Sam was the GM of The European Nature Trust (TENT), produced content and campaigns at Nice and Serious, and trained with the BBC’s Natural History Unit in Bristol.

Sam is also the Founder of social enterprise DrawFor, and a Trustee of the Hartswood Trust, the Aegean Film Festival and London Riverside Film Festival (re-launching 2024).

He is a passionate conservationist, photographer and deeply committed to transforming systems across the media industry.