Cécile Faraud manages the C40 Clean Construction Programme, which supports cities cities in driving zero carbon construction by 2050, with a focus on reducing carbon from materials and machinery. Prior to C40, Cécile managed the London City-Business Leaders initiative at CDP, aimed at aligning the city and businesses climate ambitions and actions. The partnership comprises the Greater London Authority, 11 global companies operating in London such as Tesco, Sky, Siemens and Landsec, and NGO partners CDP, C40 and The B Team. She had previously shaped and led the Circular Economy programme for the city of Peterborough (UK), authoring blogs on the Circular Economy. She has also worked, when based in Bangkok, on French and South-East Asian collaboration for sustainable development and cross-cutting regional issues.

She holds a MSc in Environment and Sustainable Development from University College London (UCL) and Master’s degrees in International Relations and Geography from IRIS Sup’ (France) and the Sorbonne respectively.