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Do you want to see nurseries in Hackney using a local cloth nappy laundry service? Please sign up to attend this event if you are able to help make this happen.

There are nurseries in Islington that use our service. The first change of the day is into a cotton nappy. Once a week Nappy Ever After delivers clean nappies by e-cargo bike and takes away the used nappies to be laundered. This prevents approx 28kg of nappy waste per week, and for an average 48 week year this is over a tonne of nappy waste per year.

Our background: Nappy Ever After has 16 years experience of delivering a nappy laundry service in London – to nurseries and households. It is a circular economy business. The average nappy is used 100 times and at the end of its life it is a valuable recyclable material.

Our success is based on collaborating with local authorities, the waste industry, maternity and early years services and other real nappy businesses. We don’t just run a nappy laundry service, we also sell nappies for parents to wash themselves.

When a customer finds washable nappies work for them it raises their awareness. They ask themselves, why don’t more people know about reusable nappies? Why are we being encouraged to use disposable nappies, disposable wipes, disposable menstual products? They become part of the shift to a circular economy.

London needs more real nappy businesses. But Nappy Ever After has no plan to ‘scale up and roll out.’ Our experience has taught us that a behaviour change business like ours needs to be the right size to give customers support and individual attention. To do that the ratio of customers to company has to be just right. Our aim is to grow our business to serve 40 local nurseries and also local households. This will sustain its own local laundry. It will be for others to set up similar companies across London to serve the growing demand and reduce the burden of nappy waste on London’s local authorities.

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