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The Circular Economy is now center-stage for policy makers, business leaders and public figures. Whether you are starting out on the circular economy journey, or if you have been working on this for some time, it is important to quantify the impacts of your circular activities and to be able to communicate with confidence how circular your business is for your stakeholders.

Business Leadership in Circular Economy: This workshop is designed to give senior management an understanding of the key levers in driving financial and environmental benefits using a ‘CE Measurement Toolkit’. Whether you are reusing, repairing, refurbishing or remanufacturing products, our solution will give you the ability measure and communicate the key environmental and economic benefits of your circular economy activities.

Our easy to use, Excel based Toolkit provides the following:

  • Understanding of the basic data requirements to allow calculation to be made

  • Baseline the impacts of your process in terms of Carbon, Energy and Water

  • Calculation of the benefits your solution offers over alternative business model approaches

  • Potential steps for reducing waste, energy and CO2 impacts via model changes

  • Presentation of the results in a clear and concise way that is understandable to non-expert stakeholders

Bring your ideas or existing business models and we’ll be happy to discuss how we would approach providing a set of metrics for you to share with your stakeholders.

*The workshop will be focused on value generation from extending product lifecycles and may not be of significant interest for businesses solely focused on waste-to-energy or recycling.

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