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As part of our celebrations of Circular Economy week, on Tuesday, 11th June, join us for an eye-opening Composting and Food Waste workshop and banquet!

You will be served an organic 7-course degustation tasting menu, designed and prepared in front of you by our in-house gardener, chef and compost champion, Ranald Schulz, founder of Circuloop.

You will also learn a range of simple techniques for how to reduce the amount of food waste you produce and how you can compost at home, whether you live in a house or a flat!

The menu will use a wide variety of ingredients and you will be taught the process of how the non-edible parts become compost and eventually soil, which can then be used in your garden. We will also discuss the journey of each of the ingredients from starting as seeds in the ground to their arrival at Mercato Metropolitano and onto your plate!


Course 1: Kalamata olives and sourdough

Course 2: Broccoli and cranberry salad

Course 3: Chilli, garlic tiger prawns

Course 4: Organic chicken, scotch egg and avocado salad

Course 5: Crispy Greek lemon potatoes

Course 6: Fruit tasting menu – mango, bananas, grapes, pineapple

Course 7: Coffee/espresso martini and dessert

Enjoy a glass of wine on your arrival.


  • The duration of the cooking show is 2 hours
  • Maximum of 20 tickets available for this class
  • Minimum number of attendees for the class to take place: 10
  • Tickets cannot be exchanged for cash alternatives

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