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Food is crucial for every single living inhabitant of this world. Irrelevant to people’s food believes and habits, we have been supported by a food system that is no longer suitable to meet long term needs.

The agri-food industry is responsible for nearly a quarter of the global green house gas emissions and in cities, less than 2% of the valuable biological nutrients in food by products and organic waste (excluding manure) is composted or otherwise valorised.

Even the healthiest options represent a risk for human health due to the way it is being produced and how we currently deal with its by-products.

The Circular Economy Club London, Green Lab and BioBean have joined forces to discuss options and opportunities in the transformation towards a circular economy for food.

Join us on two dates:

30th May: Part I: Hosted by Green Lab, we will be discussing Waste Prevention and Alternative Food : sign up here

12th June Part II: Hosted by bio-bean, will focus on Food Waste as a Resource.

Further details to follow.

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